Train Hard & Stay Humble
Mike Swain Judo Champion

Championship Grappling & Advanced Takedowns


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Mike Swain, the first man in the Western Hemisphere to win a gold medal at the world Championships, since its inception in 1956, teaches the Grappling and takedown techniques that he uses to Dominate the competition. swain grappling DVD

This two disc set features Mike’s techniques and explanation. It also includes and features training and development:

Disc 1 –

Arm Pry Series

Lapel Control Series

Passing Guard Series

Half Guard Series

Arm Lock Series

Turn Over Series

Top Triangle Choke Series

Choke Series


Disc 2 –

Side Body Drop

Sacrifice Body Drop

Outer Reap Throw

Inside Leg Trip

Back Drops

Hook Trip

Stomach Throw

Outside Leg Trip

Inner Circle Leg Trip

Side Take down.